Coleman-Derr Lab

Drought phenotypes in cereal crop species

     The Coleman-Derr Lab studies drought response in Sorghum and other crop species

PGEC Principal Investigator Devin Coleman-DerrDevin Coleman-Derr
Plant growth promoting microbial communites and abiotic stress response
Principal Investigator / Adjunct Assistant Professor
Plant Gene Expression Center, USDA-ARS / UC Berkeley
Phone: 510.559.5911
Lab Phone: 510.559.5977 

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The Coleman-Derr Lab is interested in understanding the effect of drought and other abiotic stresses on the plant microbiome in Sorghum bicolor , an important food crop and biofuels feedstock, and other grass species.  We use a variety of next generation sequencing techniques (16S rRNA iTags, ITS2 iTags, shotgun Metagenomics, RNA-Seq, etc.) to generate networked datasets to improve our understanding of the universal and host-specific responses of the plant microbiome as the host acclimates to and recovers from drought conditions.  Our lab is also interested in exploring the role of specific plant growth promoting microbial species in improving abiotic stress response in sorghum and other crop species, and in developing computational tools to aid in the investigaion of plant microbiome datasets. 

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