Barbara Baker Lab

The 2013 Baker Lab
The 2013 Baker Lab

Principal Investigator Barbara BakerBarbara Baker
Plant Innate Immunity
Principal Investigator
Adjunct Professor
Phone: 510.559.5912
Lab Phone: 510.559.5713

The Baker Lab seeks understanding of the molecular, genetic and biochemical bases of host-microbe interactions, and investigates mechanisms of pathogen-induced host disease and disease resistance. The goal of our lab is to understand the biochemical and molecular bases of plant resistance to pathogen diseases. We especially are interested in understanding the mechanism of plant-pathogen recognition and signal transduction leading to the induction of disease resistance responses. Our experimental system consists of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) resistance gene, N, encoding a putative cytoplasmic receptor, disease-resistant plant hosts harboring N, and the classical plant pathogen, TMV.

For more information about the research conducted in our lab please visit the Baker Lab site.