Six (!) PMB Graduate Students join PGEC Labs

In the Hake lab, Martin will study gene regulation of inflorescence architecture in the grasses and Brianna will use the natural diversity in Setaria italica to study key traits In the Fletcher lab, Dat will investigate the molecular mechanisms that specify cell identity in ArabidopsisIn the Coleman-Derr lab, Tuesday will study plant-microbe interactions between Sorghum and drought-induced endophytes, Grady will develop CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing methods in Sorghum to identify and validate mechanisms of drought tolerance, and Heidi will examine the role of secondary metabolites and other microbial processes to understand how plant endophytes promote plant growth.  Brianna will be co-mentored by Ben Blackman, Grady will be co-mentored by Peggy Lemaux, and Tuesday will be co-mentored by Adam Arkin