PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2024

February 15            Dr. Francisco Dini-Andreote, Penn State University
February 22              Dean Pettinga (Coleman-Derr Lab)
February 29              Isabelle Massaro (Leichty Lab)
March 7                   Dr. Roger Thimony, WRRC
March 14                Dr. Britt Koskella, UC Berkeley
March 21                 Nathan Diplock (Lewis Lab)
March 28                 Marlo Hall (Lewis Lab)
April 4                    Dr. Juan Debernardi, UC Davis
April 11                   Dr. Chris Dardick, USDA ARS

            PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2023

September 21           Dr. Claudia Castro (Coleman-Derr Lab)
September 28         Dr. Jenn Brophy, Stanford University
October 5                 Dr. Liu Hong (Fletcher Lab)
October 12               Bradie Lee (Coleman-Derr and Vogel Labs)
October 19               Dr. Citlali-Fonseca (Coleman-Derr Lab)
October 26               Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
November 2            Dr. Ganyuan Zhong, USDA
November 9            Dr. Matt Traxler, UC Berkeley
November 16          Dr. Steve Strauss, Oregon State University

           PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2023

January 26                Dr. Aaron Leichty, PGEC
February 2              Dr. Caroline Roper, UC Riverside
February 9               no seminar
February 16              Dr. Citlali Fonseca (Coleman-Derr Lab)
February 23             no seminar
March 2                   Dr. Nadia Shakoor, Danforth Center
March 9                   Dr. Vivian Irish, Yale University
March 16                 Dr. Margaret Frank, Cornell University
March 23                  no seminar
March 30                  Nathan Diplock (Lewis Lab)
April 6                     Dr. Ben Williams, UC Berkeley
April 13                    Dean Pettinga (Coleman-Derr Lab)
April 20                    no seminar
April 27                   Dr. Jose Dinneny, Stanford University
May 4                       no seminar
May 11                     Dr. George Chuck, PGEC  

           PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2022

September 8             Dr. Claudia Castro (Coleman-Derr Lab)
September 15          Dr. Rebecca Bart, Danforth Center
September 22           no seminar    
September 29           Lynne Hagelthorn (Fletcher Lab)
October 6                 Bradie Lee (Coleman-Derr and Vogel Labs)
October 13               Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)
October 20               Alex Styer (Coleman-Derr Lab)
October 27               Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
November 3            Dr. Jorge Casal, University of Buenos Aires
November 10            Dr. Devin Coleman-Derr, PGEC
November 17 10am Dr. Paloma Mas, Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics
November 24            Thanksgiving, no seminar
December 1            Dr. Marcelo Yanosky, Leloir Institute Foundation  
December 8            Dr. Margaret Frank, Cornell University  

           PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2022

January 6                Dr. Pankaj Jaiswal, Oregon State University
January 10              Dr. Rajeev Gupta, USDA ARS
January 19              Dr. Rod Wing, University of Arizona   
January 20 9am      Dr. Naomi Ori, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
January 26              Dr. Devin Coleman-Derr, PGEC
February 3               Will Horner (Hake/Brunkard Lab)
February 10             no seminar
February 17            Dr. Adrienne Roeder, Cornell University
February 24             Dr. Citlali Fonseca (Coleman-Derr Lab)
March 3                   Lynne Hagelthorn (Fletcher Lab)
March 10                 Dr. Dani Zami, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
March 17                 Nanticha Lutt (Hake/Brunkard Lab)
March 24                Dr. Dawn Nagel, UC Riverside
March 31 2pm        Dr. Xin Li, University of British Columbia
April 7                     Dr. Jean-Michel Ane, University of Wisconsin
April 14                   Dr. Morgan Halane, Atlas Obscura and Great Ecology

April 21                    Dean Pettinga (Coleman-Derr Lab)
April 28                   Dr. Rebecca Roston, University of Nebraska Lincoln
May 5                      Nathan Diplock (Lewis Lab)
May 12                    Alex Styer (Coleman-Derr Lab)
May 19                    Dr. Dolores Piperno, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

          PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2021

September 9            Snidgha Chatterjee (Baker/Brunkard Lab)
September 16         Dr. Hailing Jin, UC Riverside
September 23          Bradie Lee (Coleman-Derr Lab)    
September 30         Dr. Rachel Green, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
October 7                 Ilea Chau-Ly (Lewis Lab)
October 14               Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)
October 21 9am      Dr. Angela Hay, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
October 28               Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
November 4            Dr. Melissa Mitchum, University of Georgia
November 11           Veterans Day, no seminar
November 18           Dr. Roger Thilmony, WRRC
November 25           Thanksgiving, no seminar
December 2 10am  Dr. Anne Frary, Izmir Institute of Technology  


              PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2021

January 21              Dr. Yun Hu (Baker Lab)
January 28              Dr. Daniel Caddell (Coleman-Derr Lab)
February 4              Dr. Lisa Ainsworth, USDA/University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign     
February 9 10am    Dr. Sang Yeol Kim, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
February 11 10am  Dr. Aaron Leichty, UC Davis
February 17 1pm    Dr. George Chuck, UC Berkeley

February 25             no seminar
March 4                   Dr. Michael Busche (Brunkard/Hake Lab)
March 11                 Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
March 18                 Ilea Chau-Ly (Lewis Lab)
March 25                 Alex Styer (Coleman-Derr Lab)
April 1                      Nanticha Lutt (Brunkard/Hake Lab)
April 8                             
April 15                    Nathan Diplock (Lewis Lab)      
April 22                    China Lunde (Hake Lab)       
April 29                    Grady Pierroz (Coleman-Derr Lab)      
May 6                      Dr. Frank Harmon, PGEC      
May 13                    Dr. Citlali Fonseca (Coleman-Derr Lab)    

               PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2020

September 3           Dr. Yanfang Du (Hake Lab)
September 10         Snigdha Chatterjee (Baker/Brunkard Lab)
September 17         Dr. Zhaobin Dong (Hake/Chuck Lab)      
September 24         Dr. Barbara Baker, PGEC
October 1                Will Horner (Hake/Brunkard Lab)
October 8                Dr. Nathan Hicks (Coleman-Derr Lab)
October 15              Dr. George Chuck, PGEC
October 22              Dr. Roger Thilmony, WRRC
October 29              Dr. Ling Xu (Coleman-Derr Lab)
November 5            Dr. Jutta Dalton (Quail Lab)
November 12          Dr. Jennifer Fletcher, PGEC
November 19         
December 3            Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)


              PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2020

January 23           Dr. Venkatesan Sundaresan, UC Davis
January 30             Heidi Wipf (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Nanticha Lutt (Brunkard/Hake Lab)
February 6            
February 13           Michael Busche (Brunkard/Hake lab) / S.M. Abdul-Awal (Harmon Lab)
February 20           Dr. Frank Harmon, PGEC
February 27           Dr. Jake Brunkard, PGEC
March 5                Dr. Madelaine Bartlett, University of Massachusetts Amherst

             PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2019

August 8               Dr. Weihua Tang, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Science
August 22              Dr. Annis Richardson, Hake Lab
September 5          Dr. Mael Baudin, Lewis Lab
September 12       Dr. Jorge Dubkovsky, UC Davis
September 19        Dr. Ling Xu (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Dr. Karl Schreiber (Lewis Lab)
September 26       Dr. Sean Cutler, UC Riverside
October 3               Dr. Zhaobin Dong (Hake Lab) / Grady Pierroz (Coleman-Derr Lab)
October 10             Siwen Deng (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Brianna Haining (Hake Lab)
October 17             Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)
October 24            Dr. Yangnan Gu, UC Berkeley
October 31             Dr. Sam Leiboff (Hake Lab) / Dr. Yun Hu (Baker Lab)
November 7          Dr. Ed Buckler, ARS and Cornell University
November 14         China Lunde (Hake Lab) / Dat Thao (Fletcher Lab)
November 21         Tuesday Simmons (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Dr. Daniel Caddell (Coleman-Derr Lab)
December 5           Dr. Yanfang Du (Hake Lab) / Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
December 12         Ilea Chau (Lewis Lab) / Dr. Yuan Chen (Lewis Lab)


    PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2019

January 31             Angus Vajk, Hake Lab / China Lunde, Hake Lab
February 7            Dr. Julin Maloof, UC Davis
February 14           Jana Hassan, Lewis Lab / Ilea Chau, Lewis Lab
February 21          Dr. Jen Nemhauser, University of Washington
February 28          Dr. Jake Brunkard, PGEC / Daniel Caddell, Coleman-Derr Lab
March 7                 Dr. Chentao Lin, UCLA
March 14               maize meeting, no seminar
March 21               Dr. Sean Cutler, UC Riverside
March 28               Tuesday Simmons, Coleman-Derr Lab / Yuan Chen, Lewis Lab
April 4                    Michael Busche, Hake/Brunkard Lab / Emma Kovak, Harmon Lab
April 11                 Dr. Rebecca Bart, Danforth Plant Sciences
April 18                 Dr. Mary Lou Guerinot, Dartmouth College
April 25                 Dr. George Chuck, UC Berkeley
May 2                    Heidi Wipf, Coleman-Derr Lab / Nanticha Lutt, Hake/Brunkard Lab
May 9                    Snigdha Chatterjee, Baker/Brunkard Lab / Wassim Hage, Fletcher Lab
May 16                  Roger Thilmony, WRRC / Alex Styer, Coleman-Derr Lab
May 23                  Dr. Susannah Tringe, JGI


             PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2018

September 6         Dr. Ksenia Krasileva, UC Berkeley
September 13        Weimin Ni, Quail Lab / Ling Xu, Coleman-Derr Lab
September 20        Yu Zhang, Quail Lab / Mael Baudin, Lewis Lab
September 27        Annis Richardson, Hake Lab / Brianna Haining, Hake Lab
October 4              Dr. Steven Briggs, UC San Diego
October 11             Eduardo Gonzales, Quail Lab / Regina Scarpin, Brunkard Lab
October 18             Jutta Dalton, Quail Lab / Zhaobin Dong, Hake Lab
October 25            Dr. Barbara Kunkel, Washington University in St. Louis
November 1           Karl Schreiber, Lewis Lab / Grady Pierroz, Coleman-Derr Lab
November 8           Robbie Calderon, Quail Lab / Siwen Deng, Coleman-Derr Lab
November 15        Dr. Clare Casteel, UC Davis
November 22         Thanksgiving
November 29        Dr. Sarah Hake, PGEC
December 6           Yun Hu, Baker Lab / Dat Thao, Fletcher Lab
December 13         S. M. Abdul-Awal, Harmon Lab / Sam Leiboff, Hake Lab