PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2021

September 9            Snidgha Chatterjee (Baker/Brunkard Lab)
September 16         Dr. Hailing Jin, UC Riverside
September 23          Bradie Lee (Coleman-Derr Lab)    
September 30         Dr. Rachel Green, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
October 7                 Ilea Chau-Ly (Lewis Lab)
October 14               Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)
October 21 9am      Dr. Angela Hay, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
October 28               Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
November 4            Dr. Melissa Mitchum, University of Georgia
November 11           Dr. Devin Coleman-Derr, PGEC
November 18           Dr. Roger Thilmony, PGEC
November 25           Thanksgivingk no seminar
December 2 10am  Dr. Anne Frary (Izmir Institute of Technology)  


              PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2021

January 21              Dr. Yun Hu (Baker Lab)
January 28              Dr. Daniel Caddell (Coleman-Derr Lab)
February 4              Dr. Lisa Ainsworth, USDA/University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign     
February 9 10am    Dr. Sang Yeol Kim, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
February 11 10am  Dr. Aaron Leichty, UC Davis
February 17 1pm    Dr. George Chuck, UC Berkeley

February 25             no seminar
March 4                   Dr. Michael Busche (Brunkard/Hake Lab)
March 11                 Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
March 18                 Ilea Chau-Ly (Lewis Lab)
March 25                 Alex Styer (Coleman-Derr Lab)
April 1                      Nanticha Lutt (Brunkard/Hake Lab)
April 8                             
April 15                    Nathan Diplock (Lewis Lab)      
April 22                    China Lunde (Hake Lab)       
April 29                    Grady Pierroz (Coleman-Derr Lab)      
May 6                      Dr. Frank Harmon, PGEC      
May 13                    Dr. Citlali Fonseca (Coleman-Derr Lab)    

               PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2020

September 3           Dr. Yanfang Du (Hake Lab)
September 10         Snigdha Chatterjee (Baker/Brunkard Lab)
September 17         Dr. Zhaobin Dong (Hake/Chuck Lab)      
September 24         Dr. Barbara Baker, PGEC
October 1                Will Horner (Hake/Brunkard Lab)
October 8                Dr. Nathan Hicks (Coleman-Derr Lab)
October 15              Dr. George Chuck, PGEC
October 22              Dr. Roger Thilmony, WRRC
October 29              Dr. Ling Xu (Coleman-Derr Lab)
November 5            Dr. Jutta Dalton (Quail Lab)
November 12          Dr. Jennifer Fletcher, PGEC
November 19         
December 3            Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)


              PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2020

January 23           Dr. Venkatesan Sundaresan, UC Davis
January 30             Heidi Wipf (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Nanticha Lutt (Brunkard/Hake Lab)
February 6            
February 13           Michael Busche (Brunkard/Hake lab) / S.M. Abdul-Awal (Harmon Lab)
February 20           Dr. Frank Harmon, PGEC
February 27           Dr. Jake Brunkard, PGEC
March 5                Dr. Madelaine Bartlett, University of Massachusetts Amherst

             PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2019

August 8               Dr. Weihua Tang, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Chinese Academy of Science
August 22              Dr. Annis Richardson, Hake Lab
September 5          Dr. Mael Baudin, Lewis Lab
September 12       Dr. Jorge Dubkovsky, UC Davis
September 19        Dr. Ling Xu (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Dr. Karl Schreiber (Lewis Lab)
September 26       Dr. Sean Cutler, UC Riverside
October 3               Dr. Zhaobin Dong (Hake Lab) / Grady Pierroz (Coleman-Derr Lab)
October 10             Siwen Deng (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Brianna Haining (Hake Lab)
October 17             Dr. Regina Scarpin (Brunkard Lab)
October 24            Dr. Yangnan Gu, UC Berkeley
October 31             Dr. Sam Leiboff (Hake Lab) / Dr. Yun Hu (Baker Lab)
November 7          Dr. Ed Buckler, ARS and Cornell University
November 14         China Lunde (Hake Lab) / Dat Thao (Fletcher Lab)
November 21         Tuesday Simmons (Coleman-Derr Lab) / Dr. Daniel Caddell (Coleman-Derr Lab)
December 5           Dr. Yanfang Du (Hake Lab) / Jana Hassan (Lewis Lab)
December 12         Ilea Chau (Lewis Lab) / Dr. Yuan Chen (Lewis Lab)


    PGEC Seminar Series Spring 2019

January 31             Angus Vajk, Hake Lab / China Lunde, Hake Lab
February 7            Dr. Julin Maloof, UC Davis
February 14           Jana Hassan, Lewis Lab / Ilea Chau, Lewis Lab
February 21          Dr. Jen Nemhauser, University of Washington
February 28          Dr. Jake Brunkard, PGEC / Daniel Caddell, Coleman-Derr Lab
March 7                 Dr. Chentao Lin, UCLA
March 14               maize meeting, no seminar
March 21               Dr. Sean Cutler, UC Riverside
March 28               Tuesday Simmons, Coleman-Derr Lab / Yuan Chen, Lewis Lab
April 4                    Michael Busche, Hake/Brunkard Lab / Emma Kovak, Harmon Lab
April 11                 Dr. Rebecca Bart, Danforth Plant Sciences
April 18                 Dr. Mary Lou Guerinot, Dartmouth College
April 25                 Dr. George Chuck, UC Berkeley
May 2                    Heidi Wipf, Coleman-Derr Lab / Nanticha Lutt, Hake/Brunkard Lab
May 9                    Snigdha Chatterjee, Baker/Brunkard Lab / Wassim Hage, Fletcher Lab
May 16                  Roger Thilmony, WRRC / Alex Styer, Coleman-Derr Lab
May 23                  Dr. Susannah Tringe, JGI


             PGEC Seminar Series Fall 2018

September 6         Dr. Ksenia Krasileva, UC Berkeley
September 13        Weimin Ni, Quail Lab / Ling Xu, Coleman-Derr Lab
September 20        Yu Zhang, Quail Lab / Mael Baudin, Lewis Lab
September 27        Annis Richardson, Hake Lab / Brianna Haining, Hake Lab
October 4              Dr. Steven Briggs, UC San Diego
October 11             Eduardo Gonzales, Quail Lab / Regina Scarpin, Brunkard Lab
October 18             Jutta Dalton, Quail Lab / Zhaobin Dong, Hake Lab
October 25            Dr. Barbara Kunkel, Washington University in St. Louis
November 1           Karl Schreiber, Lewis Lab / Grady Pierroz, Coleman-Derr Lab
November 8           Robbie Calderon, Quail Lab / Siwen Deng, Coleman-Derr Lab
November 15        Dr. Clare Casteel, UC Davis
November 22         Thanksgiving
November 29        Dr. Sarah Hake, PGEC
December 6           Yun Hu, Baker Lab / Dat Thao, Fletcher Lab
December 13         S. M. Abdul-Awal, Harmon Lab / Sam Leiboff, Hake Lab