Sarah C. Hake Lab

The 2013 Hake Lab Cohort
The 2013 Hake Lab

PGEC Center Director Sarah C. HakeSarah C. Hake
Plant Development and Plant Architecture
Principal Investigator
Adjunct Professor, Center Director - USDA Plant Gene Expression Center
Phone: 510.559.5907
Lab Phone: 510.559.5922

The Hake Lab is interested in the genetic basis of morphological diversity. We use mutants to identify genes that are responsible forming different parts of the plant. Although we mostly work with maize and other grasses, such as sorghum and Brachypodium, many of the genes we identify have conserved functions in other plants. Once we identify the gene responsible for the mutant phenotype, we use a multitude of techniques to understand how the gene carries out its specific task.

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