arabidopsisThe Plant Gene Expression Center (PGEC) conducts fundamental research in plant molecular biology. Researchers are elucidating the signal transduction pathways responsible for the perception of environmental and cellular cues. We are exploring disease resistance, light perception, the circadian clock, vegetative growth and the plant-associated microbiome. Essential genes and the networks within which they operate are elucidated using molecular, genetic and biochemical approaches.

The PGEC is a collaboration of the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Plant & Microbial Biology Department of the University of California, Berkeley. The Center's principal investigators are faculty at UC Berkeley, and research opportunities are available in our laboratories for graduate and undergraduate students.

Two Grad Students Join PGEC Labs

Emma Kovak joined the Harmon Lab and Angus Vajk joined the Hake Lab. Posted 07/02/2014.

New Principal Investigator at the PGEC

Devin Coleman-Derr joins the PGEC on July 28, 2014. Devin will use computational biology tools to research drought response in sorghum. Posted 07/28/2014.

Fletcher Lab participates in Evolution Expo 2014

Jennifer Fletcher, her postdocs, and several PMB graduate students helped with Evolution Expo 2014, designed to help the public appreciate links between science and science fiction. Posted 07/28/2014.

Pictures from David Hantz and Jim Tepperman Retirement Party

Party cake
After their fabulous careers at the PGEC, we all joined to celebrate the retirements of David Hantz and Jim Tepperman, with a party at Ocean View Park. Click "Read more" to see more pictures. Posted 8/19/2015.

PGEC Greenhouse Manager to Retire

David Hantz, the PGEC greenhouse manager for the last 22 years, is retiring as of Oct. 31, 2014. David was instrumental in expanding the square footage of the greenhouse, initiating a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Program, procuring upgrades to the greenhouse heating, cooling and control systems, and implementing energy savings by the use of LED lights. David has gone far beyond his job description in maintaining diverse plants and keeping them happy, as well as in training many researchers in safe greenhouse practices. He will be sorely missed by all. Click "Read more" to find out about his retirement plans. Posted 10/15/2014.

Winning Design for 2015 PGEC T-Shirt

Jutta Rosler of the Quail lab designed this shirt, which will be modeled by many PGEC personnel in the coming year. Posted 10/14/2014.

Hake Lab Member Speaks at PMB Retreat

Angus Vajk, a 2nd year graduate student in the Hake Lab, presented his work in a talk "fun in the Hake Lab" at the Plant and Microbial Biology Departmental Retreat, held Sept. 5-7 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, CA. Click "Read more" to find out about fun. Posted 09/08/2014.

George Chuck Awarded NSF Plant Genome Grant

The funding ($870,000, for 4 years) will support a project to identify the genetic pathways that control the formation of tillers (side branches) in wild and domesticated panicoid crop plants (e.g. corn and sorghum). Posted 07/29/2014.


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