New Postdocs in Quail and Hake Labs

Eduardo is funded by an EMBO fellowship. He did his Ph.D. with Pilar Cubas in Madrid, where he studied how environmental factors, such as competition for light, regulate the dormant versus active state of axillary buds. He focused on characterizing the genetic networks controlled by BRANCHED1 (BRC1), a TCP transcription factor that is a key regulator of this process, and has co-authored a book chapter on the TCP family. In Peter's lab he will work on defining the mechanisms by which phytochrome interacting factor (PIF) bHLH transcription factors repress, in darkness, the transcription of light-induced genes that are direct targets of PIF regulation.  

Sam is funded by an NSF postdoctoral fellowship. He is no stranger to the PGEC, as he was an undergraduate researcher in the McCormick lab for 2.5 years before starting his Ph.D. work in Mike Scanlon's lab at Cornell. At Cornell he used modeling, imaging and quantitative genetics to develop a comparative, mechanistic understanding of shoot apical meristem shape and size regulation.  In Sarah's lab he will compare the inflorescence network of maize and sorghum under drought.